Interesting IPL 2024 FAQstaken from canva


Interesting IPL 2024 FAQs
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Is IPL Team Travelling Buses Bullet Proof?
There is not official confirmation on this. They are looking forward to get the bullet proof vehicles but till last year non bullet proof vehicles were used.
There was a proposal for bullet-proof buses for IPL players in 2009. This came after a deadly attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan.However, there is no recent news confirming if bullet-proof buses are actually used by all IPL teams.
Security measures for IPL players likely involve a combination of factors including:
Regular security assessments of travel routes and venues
Deployment of armed escorts
Use of armored vehicles in some high-risk situations

How Do Cricket Players Go Washroom During Match?
In most fast-paced cricket matches, like IPL, players don’t have designated bathroom breaks. Here’s how they manage:
Pre-Match Planning: Players are well aware of the match duration and plan their hydration accordingly. They avoid excessive liquids before the match to minimize bathroom needs.
Short Breaks: There are natural breaks during a cricket match that players can utilize:

  • Change of Innings: This is the biggest window (around 10-15 minutes) where players can use the restroom facilities.
  • Drinks Break: A short drinks break (around 2-3 minutes) is given in the middle of each innings. Some players might use this opportunity if it’s absolutely necessary.

Strategic Substitutions: If a player experiences extreme urgency during an innings, they might inform the team management. The captain can then strategically bring in a substitute fielder for a short period, allowing the player to quickly use the restroom and return to the field. This substitute is typically someone who isn’t actively bowling or batting at that moment.
Planning for Bowlers: Since bowlers have more control over their on-field presence compared to batsmen, they can sometimes communicate a bathroom need to the captain in advance. This allows for a pre-planned substitution during a less critical moment in the over.
Discretion and Patience: In the end, it boils down to discretion and managing urgency. Players typically try to hold on until a natural break or a strategic substitution opportunity arises.
Exceptions: In very rare instances, if a player experiences a medical emergency, the umpire might be informed, and a longer break might be granted on compassionate grounds.

Interesting IPL 2024 FAQs
taken from pexels

Can Players Use Mobile During Match?
No way, using phones on the field during a cricket match is a big no-no! Here’s why:

  1. Keeping it Clean: Cricket authorities take match-fixing very seriously. Phones could be used to secretly communicate with outsiders and fix parts of the game. To avoid any suspicion, the ICC (International Cricket Council), the governing body of cricket, has a rule that bans all communication devices within a specific area around the players and officials during matches.
  2. Focus on the Game: Cricket requires laser focus! Using phones during a match would be a major distraction, both for the player using it and potentially for their teammates. The rules are in place to create a fair environment where everyone’s skills and strategies decide the winner, not sneaky phone calls.

Here’s a quick rundown of the rules:

  • No Phones Allowed: The ICC has a strict anti-corruption code that basically says “phones are not allowed near the players and officials” during matches. This means no phones on the field or even in the locker room while the game is on.
  • Super Rare Exceptions: There might be a crazy situation where a player absolutely needs to use a phone, but this would be highly unusual and only with the okay from the head honcho (the match referee) himself.

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