IPL 2024 Longest Sixes among Explosive Sixes

longest sixes

IPL 2024 Most Explosive Season
IPL 2024 became the most explosive season as a lot of matches went for high-scoring matches. The score went mostly above 180 and in some matches, it went up to 250. Sunrises Hyderabad scored more than 250 twice and is the most explosive team this year. First Batting always suited them and ensured breaking all records while doing that. Abhishek Sharma and Travis Head partnerships given abhishek sharma to make bold hits and make more runs for this season.

But Surprisingly these two players are not on the list of players who had hit the longest sixes in IPL 2024. From the teams at the top to the teams at the bottom, a maximum of sixes came from all of them.

  • MS Dhoni – 110m
    Our Thalava always gives us a moment in the match when we can say Mahi Maar Raha Hai. And it becomes more exciting to see him when he hits the ball out of the boundary. He might have an extra punch in his bat which gives him so much power to cross the boundary even if touches the lower bat.
  • D Karthik – 108m
    The most uncapped player of the tournament and has been playing the best of his career for back-to-back years. He was playing extraordinarily this season too. He stroked well whenever he needed to do that. He also hits the boundary very well to pacers. But this season (IPL 2024) he also put spinners out of the stadium. He made it to 108m in the match and was unexpectedly astonishing.
  • H Klassen – 106m
    H Klassen is another shining star of SRH who solely made SRH win many times in the IPL. With a great stance, he hit the longest of the top maximums. This away player has impressed the Owners with his gameplay a lot. In the next auction, he will be in the eyes of most of the auction members.
  • V Iyer – 106m
    The player who played extraordinarily in the first season and got a place in the Indian team for the just next tournament was not able to make that impact in the next season. This season too V Iyer was not that impactful for KKR but still whenever he scores, he scores it in style. He somehow managed to hit the big six in this tournament.
  • N Pooran – 106m
    Nicholas Pooran started the tournament with style, however, he got a bit slow in between but the starting was something else. He scored in each match with his all potential. He was not that easy to get out by bowlers.
  • S Hetmyer – 106m
    Hetmyer smiles with his bat when he scores well. He gets less chance to play as he comes down the order. He plays the role of a hitter.
  • I Kishan – 103m
    Ishan Kishan and Rohit Sharma, this opening partnership was trusted again and again. Since they are not able to help Mumbai Indians reach up that level. Ishan Kishan always comes to and go mindset. He also hit 106m in this season.

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