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In the dynamic landscape of Indian sports, a new avenue of engagement has emerged, reshaping how fans interact with their favorite games – fantasy sports. At the forefront of this evolution stands Dream11, a mobile application that has revolutionized the way cricket and other sports are experienced by enthusiasts across the country.
Dream11 is not just an app, it’s a gateway to the world of fantasy sports. It empowers users to craft their dream teams comprising real-life athletes, with a primary focus on cricket while also embracing football, kabaddi, basketball, and more. Players compete against each other, earning points based on their selected athletes’ real-world performances. These points translate into ranks on leaderboards, offering the chance to win enticing prizes, including real cash.

Dream11’s allure lies in its ability to tap into the deep-rooted passion that Indians harbor for cricket. Beyond passive viewership, fans now actively participate by curating their fantasy squads, their emotions riding on every run and wicket earned by their virtual players. It blends skill with chance, requiring a strategic understanding of the game alongside an element of luck, ensuring every match remains thrilling till the last ball.
Sporting Diversity: While cricket remains its cornerstone, Dream11 embraces a spectrum of sports, ensuring there’s something for every enthusiast.
Contest Variety: From free contests perfect for casual players to paid ones offering bigger stakes, Dream11 caters to diverse gaming preferences.
User-Friendly Interface: Its intuitive design ensures seamless navigation for newcomers, complemented by real-time updates and statistics.
Expansive User Base: With over 200 million users in India, Dream11 fosters a vibrant and competitive community.
Rewarding Engagement: The app incentivizes participation through a robust reward system, offering perks like discounts and merchandise.

As Dream11 continues its journey, the future brims with possibilities:

E-sports Endeavors: Venturing into the realm of e-sports could open new avenues for engagement, attracting a tech-savvy audience.
Regional Delights: Deepening its focus on regional sports could foster stronger connections with diverse audiences across the country.
Social Integration: Elevating social features could foster deeper connections among users, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Winner Price
Different Sports have different tournaments in dream11. Each tournaments have their contests. There are different type of contests like Mega contest, small contest, free contest.

  • Mega Contest – In this contest there are lots of players like you which joins with an entry fees and earns according to the rank. First Rank in Ipl usually gets around 1Cr as winning amount.
  • Small Contest – In this contest there are very less number of players betting their teams to come first. winning amount in this contest depends on the entry fees. If you have entered the contest which has less entry fees less will be the winning amount(around – 25- 70). If you have entered the league where entry fees is bigger (100+) winning amount increases gradually to (200+) or even more than 25K.
  • Free Contest – if you want to practice this type is for you.

Among all the fantasy apps Dream11 gives more than all of them.


  • Is dream11 a gambling game ?
    You can say it is bit like that but not properly
  • Is it illegal ?
    Allegations were made against other Fantasy apps in the starting but supreme court has said that this is not a game of luck as you can make the team according to your perspective keeping in mind the players’s performance.
  • Who can play dream11?
    Anyone who is 18 or above 18 years old can play fantasy sport in India.
  • Interviews of winner of dream11
    Watch Here
    This is one of the interview of winner of dream11.

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