• David Warner’s Wife: Candy Warner
    David Warner’s wife’s name isn’t actually Candy Warner. Her name is Candice Warner (née Falzon). She’s a retired Australian athlete who achieved great success as an ironwoman and surf lifesaver. Even competing professionally by the age of 14, Candice has a collection of accolades including three World Championship gold medals and 60 state titles. She married David Warner in 2015 and they have three daughters together. Candice is also quite active on social media and even released a memoir, “Running Strong”, in April 2023.
  • Chris Gayle’s Wife: Natasha Berridge
    Natasha Berridge, known alternatively as Allysa Berridge, is a 37-year-old fashion designer hailing from Nassetere, St. Kitts and Nevis. Renowned for her carnival costume range named ‘Ultra’, she has amassed a remarkable net worth of USD 600,000. Natasha is not only the co-founder of her fashion brand but also serves as its chief designer and heads the business operations.
  • Ab De Villiers Wife: Danielle de Villiers
    She co-owns and created “The Fun Room,” an indoor playground and cafe for children in Pretoria, South Africa. While details are scarce, reports suggest she’s involved in charity work. There’s a notable instance of her participating in a charity sing-off alongside cricketer Shane Watson. Danielle married AB de Villiers in 2013 and they have three children together.
  • Steve Smith wife: Dani Willis
    In 2011, the journey of love commenced for Smith as he entered into a relationship with Dani Willis, a dedicated student pursuing degrees in commerce and law at Macquarie University. Their bond grew stronger over the years, and in June 2017, while basking in the enchanting atmosphere of New York during a holiday, the couple joyfully announced their engagement, marking a significant milestone in their shared journey. With hearts full of anticipation and excitement, they embarked on the next chapter of their lives, culminating in a beautiful wedding ceremony held on 15 September 2018 in the picturesque town of Berrima, New South Wales.
  • Deepak Chahar’s wife: Jaya Chahar
    Jaya Bhardwaj is a successful businesswoman who gained widespread recognition after her engagement to Deepak Chahar, the talented Indian fast bowler, during an IPL game. Her prominence escalated following the proposal by Deepak, who represents the Chennai Super Kings in cricket.
  • Yuzvendra Chahal’s wife: Dhanashree Verma
    Dhanashree Verma, a multi-talented individual excelling in Indian dance, choreography, and dentistry, boasts a net worth estimated at approximately $3 million. She gained significant recognition primarily due to her marriage to Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal. However, her journey to fame accelerated notably after news of her engagement to Chahal surfaced in the media on August 8th, 2020.

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