Barcelona vs Alaves: 2-1 Robert's Dual strike made Barcelona's comeback after halftime

Barca’s 2-1 victory against Alaves made 2 points listing them ahead of Real Madrid. Robert Lewandowski’s penalty and stunning header made the backflow of Barcelona which was blown in the early minutes of the game. Now Barcelona is ahead of Real Madrid.

Barcelona coach Xavi even after a descent comeback said: 

“We played a bit better, but we are not going through our best moment, We came through in a match that became difficult. The international break will be good for us so we can regroup. We will improve, I’m certain.” 


Alaves made a lead within a minute of the start of the game and surprised everyone. Barcelona was not able to score in the first half. but just after the first half Robert Lewandowski made a brilliant header goal. He continued his excellence and made another goal with a good penalty shoot.