Artificial Rain In Delhi: What, Why, When, How, Cost

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Delhi got some showers naturally before the government planned to sprinkle some water as rain in Delhi to decrease the AQI and hence increase the air quality. Delhi is having the worst AQI in the country along with Gurgaon questioning the government’s odd-even vehicle system. After the Supreme Court’s pressure and ban on crackers, the Delhi government set a meeting with IIT-Kanpur scientists, which concluded in artificial rain.

Why Artificial Rain is needed in Delhi?

Pollution from the vehicle’s exhaust along with the factory waste in the air made the pre-winter little fog as smog in Delhi and Gurgaon. Clouds of this polluted air were seen all around day and night. It made the air quality Index (AQI) 400+ which is the worst in the country. After the discussion with the IIT-Kanpur scientists government concluded the method of artificial rain. But for that government will need permission from the union ministry. Artificial Rain will settle down all the impurities and will improve the AQI.

When Artificial Rain in Delhi?

Since A lot of work is to be done before this process, this concept is going to be executed on the 20th and 21st of November.

Cost of Artificial Rain in Delhi?

It will cost around 13 to 14 crores for the pilots in 2 phases.

How It  Will Work in Delhi?

Creating artificial rain through cloud seeding entails the dispersion of substances into the atmosphere to promote condensation, leading to precipitation. Commonly utilized agents for cloud seeding comprise silver iodide, potassium iodide, and dry ice (solid carbon dioxide). These agents serve as nuclei, facilitating the condensation of water vapor and ultimately resulting in the development of rain or snow.

The application of this weather modification technique has been observed in different regions globally, particularly in areas confronted with water scarcity or drought conditions.